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Bonus V.I.P. Interviews

So many guys wanted in on the Summit that I couldn't fit them all,  so you get all of these exclusive 'Never Been Seen'  Videos:

I.   Robert Ewigleben Ph.D. - Navy/CIA Intelligence Officer (ret)
II.  "The Panel": Bronson Barnes (USMC & Firefighter) - John Williams (USMC) - Josh Green (Nat'l Guard) - Dennis VanderLind (Army) -                              Larry McDonald (Army)
III.  Things are still happening so, there'll probably a surprise or two!

...Plus These FREE BONUS Video Courses!!

Krav Maga: 3rd Party Protection Training Video

This video program was recorded at one of our LIVE workshops. It focuses on the ethic, tactic & technique of defending others. We will introduce some of the most common 3rd party protection situations and how to neutralize them to protect someone else. 

Krav Maga: Self Defense 'Crash Course' Series

Krav Maga is the official hand to hand / hand to weapon tactical system taught to Israeli military & law enforcement agencies. This video course was filmed at one of our LIVE 2.25 Workshops, designed for the person who wants a no non-sense approach to self defense but doesn't have years to spend training. 

Concealed Carry MasterClass: Martial Shooting 

This 4 part series addresses real world concerns when carrying a pistol for defense:
~ I'm always armed, sometimes I carry a gun
~ Why Marksmanship is the Least Important Skill in             Defensive Shooting... And What IS!
~ How should you be training when it comes to carrying  
    a firearm for self defense? 
~ The Ethic of Tactical. Why 'Why' is So Important!
~ Much more...

Training Over 40: MasterClass w/Dr. Eric DeLamielleure

If you are working out (Or thinking About It) you're not want to miss this one!! Dr. Eric DeLamielleure talks about Injury Prevention, Peak Performance & Training over 40.
  Look At EVERYTHING You Get!


Exclusive V.I.P BONUS Interviews:
    (1)  Navy/CIA Intelligence Officer (ret)
    (2)  Panel Including Vets from: USMC - U.S. Army - Nat'l Guard

    (3)  A Few Surprises

INSTANT ACCESS to 4 FREE Video Courses:
    (4) Krav Maga: Self Defense Crash Course
    (5) Krav Maga: 3rd Party Protection
    (6) Martial Shooting MasterClass
    (7) Training Over 40: Injury Prevention & Recovery w/Dr. DeLamielleure

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